We’re Jakkie and Glen, we’re taking a 12 month tour around Australia and we’ve set up this blog to Share The Magic we experience along the way with you.

We’d also love to connect to other people who know how to experience the magic of life and invite you to share your magical stories with us.


We’re both from England where we met in the seaside city of Brighton in 1993 and fell in love—though we didn’t admit this to each other at the time. We were both in relationships and so our friendship never progressed beyond the heavy flirting stage.

In 1995 Jakkie emigrated to Australia and Glen moved to London where he married and became a dad—and that was the end of our unconsummated love affair.

We didn’t see each other, speak to each other or contact each other again for another 12 years when Jakkie was visiting family in England and Glen had divorced and moved back to the Brighton area.

Our unexpected reunion happened on Tuesday 31st July 2007. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, the sky was clear and the moon was full. We were both emerging from a dark stage in our lives and that evening we both recall being drawn towards the city lights, almost against our will, as if the invisible hand of fate was pushing us back together.

We both ended up at the Earth & Stars pub, which stood opposite the United Reformed Church where we’d first met at a theatre workshop 14 years earlier—we both stared at each other across the room with open mouths—and we’ve been together ever since.

Our first year was filled with magic. It seemed that whenever we were together we’d see shooting star or rainbows or find four leaf clovers or be chased by dragonflies.

And then we’ve had to deal with the mundane reality of our situation. When we met again, Jakkie was about to return to Australia and Glen was committed to staying in England with his daughter who was 10 years old.

We never fully reconciled this fundamental difference, other than to hold out for the day when we could live together in a country where we both want to be. That day came on 1st October 2015 when we moved to Australia together.

We spent the first six months finding our feet in Sydney and now we’re hitting the road in a motorhome to share the magic of this beautiful country together.

We’re using this blog as a vehicle to share our magical experiences with you. Just like our relationship, we don’t really now how this will work out but we expect to share posts about:

  • The magical encounters we have with nature
  • The magic of our spiritual experiences  around Australia
  • The magic of manifestation, coincidence and destiny at play during our travels
  • The magic of the laughter that lightens our journey together


We’ll also be working our way around Australia. Jakkie will be promoting her new book, running workshops and selling her affirmation artworks, while Glen will be working on his new Stop Male Suicide project. You can find out more at the links below:







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