Flying (not so) High at 50!

Jakkie writes…

We skydived on Glen’s 50th birthday, indoors!! 

Yes indoors, because that’s what you do when you’re 50. 


As each year passes, the need to be daring and dangerous becomes less and less. I jumped out of a plane 15 years ago, we bungie jumped 10 years ago, I flew a helicopter 5 years ago, we swung on a trapeze last year, this year we became airborne at waist height.

ifly is a company in Brisbane that allows you to jump into an oversized fan and become airborne. It’s actually easier said than done. I had no idea that you need skills to float horizontally above a wind tunnel. We had an instructor that showed us how to hold our body and how to stay afloat in the vacuum. We then took it in turns to go into the anti gravity chamber with the instructor to practice free falling. To be totally honest, my only concern was that my teeth would stay intact because I had a couple of loose crowns! Wearing a helmet with a visor became paramount.

IMG_1742Overall it was a great experience, the best bit being the free range spin done with the instructor. He effortlessly took each one of us for a spin up and down the 50ft tall chamber. He held onto us, then span us round and around, up and down until we were thoroughly giddy and disorientated.

My crowns were still in my mouth and my breakfast was still in my tummy, so all in all, it was a jolly good few hours spent.

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