SUP it UP!

Yesterday we hired a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board for those who are non native!) 

Not only did we Stand Up on a Paddle Board, but we had a fury companion join us. 

Max the dog!!

yes 1

Chris De Aboitiz runs our local 1770 SUP hire company and currently holds the world record for getting the most amount of dogs on a Paddle board (as you do!) 26 dogs in all!!

36 dogsChris combines his 2 main passions; the ocean and dog training, and loves to share the importance of dog training with his adventurous dog surfing entertainment!

yes chris 3Yesterday, Max the dog was our entertainment.

Max is one of Chris’s rescue dogs, who loves nothing more than to go out for a paddle with the locals. So there we were punting along with Max at the bow.

We paddled over to a sandbar so we could have a rest and Max could chase a few seagulls (his favourite past time). We found a stick which we threw for max which he was happy to fetch, however we noticed him starting to limp. I called him over to take a look at his lame poor thinking maybe he’d cut himself on a clam shell with all his jumping about. He growled at me when I picked up his paw to investigate, obviously not impressed by my nursing skills, so I thought it best we take Max back to shore and let Chris take a look at it.  We got back to our boards and Max limped back on and once again took his position at the front.

Suddenly out of nowhere, another dog appeared on the sandbar. He must’ve belonged to one of the many boats bobbing about on the water. This new dog was a puppy and VERY enthusiastic about the possibility of hitching a ride with us too, so he swam over and climbed on board. Max was not impressed by this excitable noisy little fur ball taking up all his space, not to mention all the rocking and splashing taking place. Meanwhile Glen and I were cracking up laughing at the absurdity of it all. Wouldn’t it be funny if we innocently delivered a different dog back to Chris at the end of our adventure! “What do you mean Max was big and black and now he’s small and tan?”

yes 2 dogs

We finally managed to locate the puppy’s owner who saw the whole thing from a distance and said he was slightly concerned we were a couple of SUP puppy-nappers, however the concern was overridden by pride when he realised that his 6 month old pooch could actually ride a SUP! So he renamed him the SUPER SUP PUP.

Once the super Sup Pup was distributed back to its rightful owner, we paddled our way back down the estuary. All was going well until I got caught up in a strong tidal current. No matter how much I paddled, I was getting nowhere, in fact Max and I were going backwards. Glen chivalrously abandoned his own board and swam over to rescue us and thought it a good idea to give the board good push towards the nearest sandbar. Balance is the key to successfully navigating a SUP in water, so it was not the best of plans to give us a big shove, because Max and I got propelled into the air, both of us landing headfirst into the water.

Max was NOT impressed by this and doggie paddled/limped his way to the sandbar. Obviously I was not impressed either, despite Glens best intentions, and I let him know by huffily dragging my heavy board to the sandbar with my wet hair plastered across my very disgruntled face! The sandbar was roughly 200 Metres away from the other side of the estuary to where Chris and his SUP hire was. I could see Max’s desperate gaze in Chris’s direction sending doggy telepathic messages to his master across the water saying, ‘PLEEEEEEAAASE get me away from these 2 unruly amateurs, I wanna come home’. Chris being an expert dog whisperer must’ve heard Maxes pleas, because that very next moment I heard a distant whistle and then Max plunged back into the water and swam the 200 metres back to shore, his paw suddenly finding a new lease of life! Glen and I were left behind on the sandbar feeling slightly exhausted, slightly failed and slightly abandoned by our new best friend.

Once we got our breath back we paddled back to shore to tell Chris about our (mis)adventures and to make sure Max was OK. We found Max in Chris’s van completely out for the count and fast asleep! So once we discovered that Max’s paw was fine with no harm done, we decided it was best to leave sleeping dogs lie.

sleeping dogGoodnight Max, thanks for your great company and I hope you forgive us and come out to play with us another time.

We ended the day by watching the stunning sunset over the hills beyond.

Thank you 1770 for being such a beautiful, magical place to live.




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