Larking About

Glen and I went larking about in a boat for a day.

The boat is called The Lark which is a brilliant pink amphibious craft. The special thing about the Lark is that it can go overland and in water. A bit like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang except that the Lark doesn’t fly! They used these special crafts in the Vietnam war and there are only a few left and 3 of those are resident in our home town of 1770 in Queensland.

The Lark is a bit of a tourist attraction and so not to feel left out, we climbed aboard.   What a day!

We drove and sailed through pristine national park across 4 tidal creeks, then we rested after an hour at Bustard Bay for tea and cake (yes I did say Bustard, named after the bird!!) 

We then drove the big beast (not us personally, but the skipper/driver/or whatever we’re supposed to call him) up a stony winding track to Queensland’s only operating lighthouse at the historic island of Bustard Head. Standing 16 metres tall, we had a 360 degree view of the pristine coastline. We were told of the tales of triumph and tragedy as early settlers and light-keepers tried to tame this remote wilderness (and themselves too I think!)

After lunch and with our bellies full, we then partook in the optional activity of sand boarding down a towering 35-metre sand dune. Usually just for kids, but Glen and I were the first ones up the top of the hill. I slightly regretted that decision after I regurgitated  my lunch on the way down which was instantly replaced by a mouthful of sand after a particularly spectacular crash landing!

It gave the kids a good laugh so that’s all that matters!

We saw much wildlife, including sea snakes, white bellied eagles, brahminy kite, dolphins and lots of mud crabs.

It was a great day out and we felt very lucky when we stepped back onto dry land at the end of the day, knowing we only had a few minutes drive back home.

What a load of MAGIC!

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