We’ve run away to the circus! 

Well actually we have invested in 10 lessons in Circus Trapeze Training. “Why on heavens name are you doing that?”, I hear you ask! Well, I would like to say it’s because I want to build my strength, my courage, my stamina and to face my fears, however the real answer is, “Because it’s there!”

Glen and I now live in a very small town in a remote part of Queensland at the tip of the Southern Barrier Reef, and the main activities that one can enjoy here are fishing, boating, fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, fishing, surfing, kayaking, fishing and more fishing, so when the offer to learn circus skills became available, we jumped at the chance (literally).

So there we were, hanging from the rafters of the local school gym, trying to look graceful while our arms were being ripped off and our thighs were burning, whilst hanging upside down not knowing how on earth we were going to get back down, let alone how we would make it through the hour.

This was a real test in going beyond my comfort zone and surrendering from my normal need to be perfect the first go.

I believe that when we are pushed out of our comfort zone, something strange happens. We plummet into a place of vulnerability whilst simultaneously drawing on an inner courage we forgot we had. These are perfect ingredients for growth, because the next time it won’t feel so weird or so unfamiliar, so therefore we can go that little extra further. This is mastery. Mastery of our fears, but also mastery of our craft, whatever that is.

So I’m very excited to see where this adventure will take us. Either we will be flying across the gym in 10 weeks time, doing triple somersaults and propelling each other from the rafters, or we’ll just stick to fishing!


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