Magic on Lady Musgrave Island

Now that we are official residents of Agnes Water QLD, (we actually have a proper house now and a PO box and everything!) we knew it wouldn’t be long before we had our first visitors. Our dear friends and my godson trekked all the way from Sydney to check the place out. So it went without saying that we’d all take a day trip to Lady Musgrave.

Lady Musgrave Island is the only coral island on the Great Barrier Reef with a navigable lagoon – over eight kilometres in circumference and it’s only 90 minutes boat ride from Agnes Water.

It was a pristine day with perfect conditions for the ride out. We were fortunate enough to see whales diving in and out of the waters as they migrated north to birth their young. Also a dolphin came right up to the boat, flipped its tail, then swam off again.

We finally got to the Island surrounded within a turquoise blue lagoon. So beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get on my gear and get in the water amongst the fish, which is what I did.  We saw so many colourful fish and Green Turtles wallowing about, so special.

Here’s a film I made using my friend Ian Cameron Smith‘s music (who came with us on the day).

We were given lunch then a tour of the Island, which you can camp on if you’re brave enough – as there are no provisions and the return boat is not always running, so you could be stranded for days!

We had a tour on a glass bottom boat to see the most unusual coral formations. Huge boulders that looked like brains, rows upon rows of antler type corals, sea worms, star fish, all the colours under the sun. And if the day wasn’t amazing enough, they put the icing on the cake by producing a Devonshire cream tea for us all mid afternoon. With our bellies full, I’m glad the sea wasn’t rough as it was another 90 minutes back to shore, just in time to witness the most spectacular sunset.

What a magical day!

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