The End Of The Road

15 months and the road has now finally closed, and it did almost literally.

Our final hour was quite dramatic.

We left Byron Bay after visiting friends and soaking up the Byron vibe, then took the back route through the hills towards Brisbane which was to be our final stop point.

On the way, we stayed at a farm-stay in a place called Stokers Siding, nestled deep in the tweed valley. It was a great place with a stream, a dam, green rolling hills and lots of interesting farm animals roaming about.

We liked it so much we decided to stay 2 nights.  Wrong decision.

As soon as we parked up, the rain started and it didn’t stop. On our second morning, there was a loud hammering on our motorhome door and someone yelled, “You have to leave NOW!!!” I thought somehow we had overstayed our welcome, but in fact the issue was that the only road out was under 5 feet of water and was quickly turning into a river. If we’d left it any longer we would’ve have made it out!

So there we were, in the pelting rain, windscreen wipers on max, facing what looked like cascading rapids in front of us. So I did the only thing we could’ve done. I closed my eyes, put my foot down and drove the motor home heroically through the river as Glen was yelling ‘Go Go Go keep going, keep going don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop.’  I was Thelma, he was Louise!

We luckily made it to the other side and we finally arrived at Brisbane just in time for our flights.

This is where Glen and I parted ways. I flew back to the UK and Glen flew back down to Sydney for a conference. Our beloved Dreamtime motorhome is having a well deserved holiday in Byron Bay! So after spending 15 months breathing each others oxygen, Glen and I are now 11,000 miles apart.

In 6 months time we pick up where we left off and a new chapter will begin. New adventures are still to be had and more magic to experience.

It has been such an incredible journey on so many levels, a trip we will never ever forget.

Thank you for sharing our journey and for Sharing the Magic with us.

To be continued………


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