Glen and I had the absolute privilege to spend a day with an aborigine elder.

The elders name is Stuart and he is only 31 years old, however he is a stage 3 initiate of his people that date back tens of thousands of years. He is also the father (and step father) of 5 children the eldest of his own being 16. Stuart started off as an angry kid, very lost, very dark and very drunk a lot of the time, sadly this is the fate of many modern day aboriginals. Since the arrival of Captain Cook, most modern day Aborigines have lost their land, their culture, their ancestors knowledge, their connection to spirit and their song lines. Through reconnecting to his land, his people, his ancestors and his purpose, Stuart is now a pioneer in awakening the ancient wisdom and utilising it in modern day Australia.

He works with the indigenous youth helping them to remember who they are, to help them to regain their power, their ancestry, their lore, their innate wisdom. There are now thankfully around 60,000 other initiated men in different parts of Australia that are also helping in the same way which includes reconnecting the songlines.

The songlines are labyrinths of invisible pathways connecting one land to another. The songlines are like maps which show the way to the good places to hunt, for ceremony, for migration, for connecting their people with other groups and with other lands. They were created by singing their world into existence as they went walkabout. The songs were vital for directing them from one place to another, what resources were available en route during the right seasons. The wisdom of their culture was passed down the generations through the dreamtime and the songlines and they have been doing this for over 50 thousand years

This all changed once the white fella stepped ashore onto their land little more than 200 years ago.

Stuart invited us to his country and when we are on his country, it is necessary in his custom to take care of us. Firstly he smoked us with Bloodwood Gum to clear any negative energy from us. He sang a song whenever we entered the land of his people to let the spirits know we were coming and to ask for their blessing. He told us about what plants were good for what ailments and how to use them. He showed us ancient carvings and told us what each of them meant. They weren’t random doodles by bored natives, they all tell a story to instruct and guide from one generation to the next, where to hunt, the story of creation, the sacred places for ceremony, the lore, the dreamtime etc.

He told us of the love and respect his people have for their land and for everything the land provides for them. They understand that we are not separate from the land. He calls the tree’s his sisters and the rocks his brothers. They take care for their land because they know if any of their sisters or brothers are sick, it effects the whole. They sing songs to call their food to them. The animals know the law of the land, the vital cycle of giving and receiving. The animals understand the language of creation and so would sacrifice themselves when their song was called. There is no lack in their culture because The Mother always provides.

He told us about animal totems and how the animal archetype or characteristic of that animal can help us through life. We all have an animal totem. Our personal power animal chooses us early on in our life and guides us through our weakness and shows us our strengths. Stuart was welcomed into a family of Possums when he was a very young boy and he would sit for hours with them in the roof of his house. No one else could get near the Possums except for him and he was accepted as part of the possum mob. One day he squeezed one of the baby Possums too tight and the mother sprang towards him and gashed his back in anger, then the mother possum took off taking her family with her. However they returned and the mother possum went over to him and started to lick the wound she had created. All was forgiven because the lesson had been learnt. The lesson being that he had hurt his brother, but she still loved him and accepted him unconditionally. He has since learnt from the possum totem and is very territorial towards his own family but also has the wisdom and respect for all walks of life.

My power animal is the Dragonfly, they follow me everywhere. To me they represent breaking through the illusions we create in life to see the truth. Stuart also told me they represent women’s business, which could explain why I use the teachings of the dragonfly to groups of women!

Stuart told us about ‘Men’s business’ and ‘Women’s business’ and the ceremonies they hold, both of which are sacred and secret from the opposite sex until a mature age has been reached.

He told us of the initiations and rites of passage they hold for the 3 vital stages of life. From child to adult, from adult to elder, from elder to death. He talked of the importance of the rites of passage and how they honour each stage of growth towards their evolution.

It struck me that these ancient people knew who they were, they knew their place within their people and culture. They knew their story and their ancestry. This instilled a strong sense of belonging within them which bought them safety and security. They lived by the rhythms of their land and they understood their connection within the universe. They even knew their place within the story before the story even began.

Stuart’s people know their ancestors live on in spirit and they are in communication with them regularly. Stuart can see the spirits sometimes as clear as we can see each other. He has been able to see the other dimensions all his life. He see’s aura’s, colours, his ancestors and he has had encounters with what we would call mythical characters.

13Stuart showed us a photo from his phone of an ancestral gathering from lake Mungo. There were 2 rows of naked men and women staring into the camera. At the end of the row on the right stood a huge hairy man that looked a bit like Chewbacca from Star Wars. He told us that he was the Yowie, the Hairy Man, a malevolent spirit who wasn’t physically there when they took the photo, however he was definitely there when the photo was developed! The most fascinating part was the woman sitting next to the Yowie at the end of the row as she was holding the Hairy Man’s hand, even though he wasn’t physically there.

Physical humans and spirits live together side by side which is why the Aborigines have so much respect for their ancestors and the malevolent entities, because the spirits can do much damage if they are not pleased. Stuart has learnt to use his sight respectfully and the magical powers that comes with it. We all have this power, but not many of us know how to use it.

I have had some experience of the spirit world throughout my life and I mainly ‘feel’ and ‘hear’ it as opposed to seeing it. Stuart could see that my 3rd eye wasn’t fully opened and he asked me if I wanted him to open it. This would mean I will be able to see everything, some good things and some not so good. I was willing to take the risk, I no longer wanted to walk around in the dark, so I said Yes.

We both stood bear foot on the rock and he drew the energy from Mother earth up through his body, he said a prayer, then he pressed his finger into the middle of my brow. I felt a tingling sensation through my crown and momentarily I felt light and a bit dizzy. I distracted myself while Glen had his 3rd eye opened too.  Luckily we haven’t had any visits from the Yowie yet, but it’s early days. Who knows what can of worms have been opened!!!

Stuart shouted us lunch and then drove us home telling us even more stories of his life, his land and his people. There was a lot to take in and a lot I am so very grateful for. I had a glimpse inside the minds, hearts and soul of our most ancient civilisation and I feel honoured.

Somehow I want their story to be told, to help them achieve reconnecting their songlines across Australia. Glen and I are now part of their song line, just by us being here. I am excited to be part of the evolving future here in Australia, where ancient wisdom will integrate with the whitefella’s evolving technical age. This vision of our combined future land may take a few decades to merge amicably and to become a win win scenario.

I believe all our intentions as Citizens are united, that deep down all we really wish for is to live in peace in a land where there is no more war and no more suffering. Maybe we all need to listen and learn from each other to find a way forward, where we can all give unconditionally without the fear of lack. And when we can all give freely, then we will all receive abundantly. This is a universal law of cause and effect, you reap what you sow, which is something us whitefellas are still learning. We don’t have to live with lack because our land provides for us, so long as we respect the land and its law. We all need to re-learn how to trust each other instead of fear each other and in the process, it will help us all to re-connect with our own innate wisdom.

If the Aborigines can live peacefully for over 50,000 years, then so can we!!



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