Beautiful Blue Mountains

Jakkie writes…….

So, we continue onwards and upwards towards the finishing line, retracing the land we couldn’t fully appreciate on the first lap.

Our first lap was getting from Sydney to the Gold Coast as fast as humanly possible without breaking our necks and the speed limit. We had 12 hours to pay for and pick up the vehicle that was to become our home for the next year and a half. If we’d known how long this journey was going to take, we wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to place each other and all or worldly goods (all 3 bags, 2 boxes of books, 2 plates and 3 pots and pans) into it!

At the moment we are straddling two worlds. One world of travelling and keeping up the travellers spirit and the other world of working, building, disappearing into the city to build and prepare for the life beyond our Dreamtime motorhome.

The Blue Mountains has been our straddling place for the past week and not a bad place to straddle if I may say so myself! The Blue Mountains are 80km West of  Sydney and known for its dramatic scenery, which encompass steep cliffs, eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and villages. They are blue from the oil of the dense amount of Eucalyptus tree’s and water vapour which scatter short-wave length rays of light which are blue in colour.

We have been gifted a free house to stay in at a village called Leura. The usual residents (Michael and his fat cat) are away for a month and kindly offered the house for us to use.

What a gift. What a blessing.

And what has blown me away most about this whole travelling experience is how everything just works out. The right people have always shown up at just the right time. The perfect places to stay appear just when we need them the most. I have learnt the value of trust. I have learnt that if you take a leap of faith, then you are supported in ways you can not even imagine. I guess that’s the prise for following your heart.

When we first arrived at our new home in the Blue mountains we felt the usual sense of disorientation. So we set off on foot to the bottom of our NO through road to orientate ourselves and to discover this huge expanse of beauty. The road ended and the mountains began. My jaw dropped and my heart opened. The Blue Mountains are even more spectacular than I remember.

When petty thoughts fill your head and when your brain is jumbled with day to day trivialities, my advise is to climb to a top of a mountain (or a hill……whatever is handy at the time) and get a sense of the bigger picture. By absorbing the enormity of this planet, the solar system, the universe, soon the things we thought were important suddenly pale into insignificance.


It’s Autumn here at the moment and the colours are spectacular. Forget going to England or even New England in the fall, the Blue Mountains is the place to be. The Maples, Beech, Sassafras, Aspen are all shedding their golden red, yellow, burnt orange leaves which are so beautiful in the sunlight. Making the place even more beautiful are the Rhododendrons and Camellias which are also in flower. There are even daffodils and tulips out in full bloom, very confusing!

Because it’s Autumn, it’s also very COLD,  something I wasn’t banking on in Australia. Most Australian homes are not very equipped to deal with the cold, no central heating or double glazing….well what’s the point when most of the year is sunny and hot? So in the evenings we find ourselves huddled by a tiny portable radiator wrapped in blankets and hot water bottles. Surely we are made of hardier stuff than this? But I suppose this is what happens when we’ve spent the past year in the blistering heat of the tropics (QLD) and the desert (NT/WA).

Next week we head off again taking it slowly up to Brisbane, absorbing, exploring and lapping up the freedom and the newness of every day. We will be appreciating every moment and every turn in the road because we know, that very soon, this adventure will come to an end ……….

……… and a new adventure will then begin.


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