Unexpected Stardom!

Jakkie writes…….

Guess who has just starred in Tasmania’s longest running stage show ……….and may I add it was not voluntarily!!!

Just to set the scene:

There’s a beautiful little town in Tasmania called Strahan. They have a wonderful open air theatre and run the longest running show called ‘The Ship That Never Was’. Seeing as Glen and I share a thespian past (this is how we first met) we just had to go along and watch that evenings performance.

The Ship That Never Was is a true story about a ship that was built to sail to the new prison at Port Arthur in 1834. However the ships convicts steal the ship.

The play is audience participation, so when Glen and I arrived I made sure we sat as far away from the stage as possible so as not to get picked on. The two cast members picked some of the audience to be their crew and they cleverly built the ship on stage as they went along.

To my horror, about half way through the show they pointed at me and invited me onto the stage. I looked at the two people beside me hoping it was them and not really me. Nope, it was really me, so I reluctantly got up.

So this is how I found myself on the stage being introduced to the audience as Billy. They threw a tatty old hat onto my head and told me I was a very very old man. Suddenly from nowhere my thespian spirit sprang into life. I threw off my jacket, thrust it up the back of my jumper and off I went.

I don’t think they were banking on me embracing the role quite so enthusiastically as the show ran 15 minutes over and everyone was late for their dinner appointments!

Now I can’t go anywhere in town now without being recognised, stopped and congratulated!

To watch Jakkie’s staring performance on YouTube click here

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