Living The Dream!


Jakkie writes………

Sometimes we question as to whether we are actually ‘Living The Dream’. Taking more than a year to travel around Australia in a motorhome is some people’s once in a lifetime dream, so we feel very blessed to be doing this trip. Yet, sometimes we do question whether we are living the dream or whether we are just plain mad. Especially when we have been stranded for 3 weeks in monsoonal conditions with the van leaking drips in various corners, or when a sickness bug hits and we’re miles away from getting medical attention, or when we’ve been bitten raw by vicious mosquitos, or when we have completely run out of funds and we can’t afford to put diesel in the tank or food in the fridge, or when an unidentified 8 legged creature is sharing our living space.

img_1187It’s during these times we have to keep reminding ourselves with just a hint of sarcasm, that we are in fact ‘living the dream!!’ Yet there are also days of absolute magic, sheer beauty and utter bliss when we can say from the bottom of our hearts that we are definitely ‘Living The Dream’

Last week we were definitely ‘Living The Dream!!’

20170204_111637We had got as far as Walpole in the South West of Australia and the weather forecast wasn’t looking good. Rain was expected in a few days and was due to hang around for at least a week. Before now we’ve not had plan our travels around the weather because having been in the desert for 8 months, it was predictably HOT and SUNNY every day. Now that we’re on the south coast, it’s a completely different story.

We wanted to get to Cape Le Grand National Park before the bad weather set in and we were 700km away from it. So we were on a race for time to get to the NP and enjoy a couple of days of it before the change.

I drove flat out for 8 hours while Glen was beside me in the passenger seat working on his laptop, making the most of the intermittent internet before we were completely out of range. Finally we got to the entrance of the National Park at 5.30pm to find the parks office closed, however there were envelopes and a box where we could pay our NP entry fee. There was also a sign of how many places were left in the NP camp ground, and because it works on a first come first serve basis, we were relieved to see there were 5 places available. It took us another 40 minutes to drive through the NP to the camp ground situated in the dunes behind the beach. When we arrived we were greeted by two Kangaroo’s hopping across the path, we were also greeted by a ranger who told us the bad news that the camp ground was full. Someone had grabbed the last spot 10 minutes ago.

20170207_100629‘Noooooooooooooo!!’ I tried my ‘Please find us a spot’ puppy dog face, but the ranger was having none of it and sent us back out of the park. We were tired and hungry and yet we had to drive another hour back out of the park to camp at Esperance which was the nearest town. It was then that I had to question, were we really Living The Dream?

The following morning we got up early and drove back to the National Park, only to have to pay our entry fee again, even though we didn’t use the pass the day before. We explained what had happened to the park ranger, that there was a sign up saying 5 places were available to camp yet once we got there, there was nothing available, however the park ranger didn’t care. It was a new day and a fresh fee needed to be paid. Both Glen and I had to work really hard at not getting frustrated by the STUPID system and instead to appreciate where we were. And once we were back at the camp ground with a choice of 15 camp places available all with spectacular panoramic views, we were back to truly Living The Dream.

20170206_122850Cape Le Grand National Park is one of the most spectacular places we’ve ever been to. It’s stunningly beautiful with azure blue clear waters and the whitest squeakiest of sand. The National Park covers an area of 31,801 hectares (78,580 acres) of unspoilt beauty, an ancient landscape which has been above sea level for well over 200 million years.

Kangaroo’s were chilling out on the beach without a care in the world, not even when we approached them, stroked them and took loads of selfies with them!!

We managed two glorious days of swimming, snorkelling and walking before the rain arrived and boy, when it rains here it certainly lets you know about it! All night I had a constant drip drip drip on my forehead and I soon discovered that the van was again no longer waterproof! It had also dropped from 32 degree’s to a very disagreeable 15! So the next day we reluctantly left the beauty of Cape Le Grand and headed back to Esperance and to civilisation to deal with the realities of living in a leaky tin box.

Living The Dream!


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