Cats, Dogs and Miracles

Jakkie writes……..

We have now been in the Perth area for 4 full moons.

Our original itinerary was to be in Perth for only 10 days while Glen did his Conference. However sometimes life just doesn’t work out how you expect and I have learnt that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and go along with whatever is being presented at the time.

20160420_172348When we first arrived in Perth with the October full moon, Glen and I made a decision that we’d give it a month to generate some income (because funds were again low) and to stay still and find a home (because we were both getting quite weary with the constant movement and living in such a small space) and to embrace community living again, something we have both missed by being on the road.

It has now been over 3 months since that decision was made and what an amazing journey we have both been on.

Firstly, I had no idea how I was going to get my work of MindBody workshops/seminars or clients up and running, especially not knowing anyone in Perth that could point me in the right direction.

Secondly, Glen wanted a full time job as well as getting his ‘Stop Male Suicide’ conferences and trainings more widely available in Australia.

So the challenge was on and here’s what happened.

The world of house sitting revolutionised our lives. We needed a home to stay and there were loads of people looking for trustworthy sitters to look after their home and pets for a period of time over the holiday season. This win win situation became our life here in Perth.

We left our first house sitting job in Scarborough, a suburb of Perth, in November after taking care of 2 adorable Whippets for 2 weeks. When we left we instantly got another job of house and dog sitting, this time in Fremantle just south of Perth. As we drove up to this next house sit situation, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a Yoga studio! I had been starved of like minded people while travelling through NT and WA and I was just saying to Glen how I missed my holistic/yoga community and there in front of us was our new home, a yoga studio.

20161104_165801And if that wasn’t enough of a coincidence, our next house/dog sitting situation just so ‘happened’ to belong to ANOTHER yoga teacher! We stayed in this great house in coogee for 5 weeks while the owner was attending a retreat in Bali. It was perfect. We were a road away from the beach in a nice quiet location near to Fremantle, looking after her gorgeous white German shepherd who was a delight to walk and swim with.

Before the owner left, she recommended a contact of hers who ran a Yoga school in Fremantle. So I followed this up and within the month I had a seminar, a workshop and some private clients all lined for December at the Yoga school!

By this time, Glen had secured himself a 6 week contract of full-time work in the City, so we were once again on the search for another place to stay once we left Coogee. We were contacted by an Irish lady who was on the other side of the river an hours drive from Fremantle. She asked us if we’d be able to look after her house and 2 dogs while she was away over Xmas and the new year. So we went to see her and her pets to suss it out. We decided it wasn’t quite right for us, not being in the location that we wanted, so we kindly declined, however there was obviously another reason why we were sent there! The Irish lady was so interested in the work I do on the MindBody connection that she signed up to do my workshop which she did the following weekend. She also signed up as a private client of mine. Glen told me I needed to get more social media savvy because the universe had to work really hard to set up a ‘chance meeting’ with a woman who lived an hours drive away!

We were then contacted by a couple who had 3 cats and 2 chickens in a place called Brigadoon and they wanted someone to take care of their home and pets while they were in South Africa for a month over christmas and the new year. Initially we dismissed the offer as again we thought it too far away from the centre of Perth especially if Glen needed to commute a few hours each day. However the couple got back in touch and said they ‘really wanted us’ and they’d pay Glen’s commuting fee’s, so we said ‘YES.’

So this is where we are now and It turns out that our new home in Brigadoon is just wonderful, a big modern home in the bush on 4 acres.

We had a great Christmas with the 3 cats and 2 chickens and the beheaded wilder beast that were adorned on the walls which the owner had shot during his last trip back to South Africa (poor darlings!) We even had a knees up at our Scottish neighbours new years eve party – well you’d have to be Scottish if you lived in Brigadoon!

One and sometimes Two of the cats walk with me around the 4 acres, always by my side just like a dog.


Before we came to Perth, I contacted the Mundaring Wellness Centre, not really knowing where Mundaring was. Initially I thought about doing a seminar or workshop there as the owner was keen, however once I realised where Mundaring was, it seemed just too far away at the time. Again the universe had other ideas. Because it just so happens that Brigadoon is only a short distance from the Mundaring Wellness centre. So I contacted the owner again and she was still very keen for me to come, so we fixed up a date for me to run a seminar in the new year.

I learnt to promote myself on FB more effectively and on the day of the seminar I managed to get a staggering 30 people to attend! One of the participants said she had never seen so many people at an event there before! It was an amazing morning and I met some lovely people many of whom booked in for 1-2-1 sessions with me, bought my book and signed up for the workshop the following week.


We are now on schedule to finally leave Perth on Australia day (26th January) to resume our journey south and to continue our nomadic adventure. We will also be leaving with everything we initially set out to achieve 4 full moons ago. It has been such an honour and privilege to get to know Perth and the people living here, and looking after such wonderful spacious homes, just what we needed before we squeeze ourselves back into our small motorhome. Being an animal lover, it was also really lovely to have pets around me again.

I believe that when you are clear on what you want in life and a definite intention has been set, then doors open and miracles happen.

Miracles definitely happened to us!

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