Reflecting on 2016


Glen writes……

Are you reflecting on 2016?

For me it has probably been one of my most challenging and rewarding years…….luckily most of the challenge has been consciously chosen, because I chose to stretch myself….but also because it has been a period of huge transition…….

From a dad living part-time with my daughter for 18 years, to a dad with a daughter living 10,000 miles away 

From a part-time partner living apart to a full-time partner living together in a metal box on wheels! 

From a UK resident for 46 years to an Australian resident 

From a lifetime of home-loving house dwelling to nine months on the road with the stress (and excitement) of constantly moving home

From a part-time generalist in “men’s issues” for 20 years, to a full-time specialist in male suicide prevention **

From a full-time paid employee for 15 months prior to emigrating to being self-employed again for the past 15 months !!

I could write a book about 2016 but I’ll keep it very short…….it’s been exciting, inspiring, heart-opening, mind-expanding, emotionally draining and life-affirming.

I haven’t made resolutions yet but at 8am on New Year’s Eve I have big questions……..

*Is the Year of the Rooster good news for Roosters like me?

*How do I get better at balancing my many selfish dreams and taking care of the relationship that is my foundation and make sure that relationship gets better every year?

*What does it look like to be the best dad I can be to an adult daughter?

*What does it look like to make a difference and make money in 2017?

*What does it look like to make a difference and make money for the next ten years?

*What am I going to do to make my recurring resolution to be fitter and healthier really stick this year?

If you got this far, thanks for reading and have a Joyous 2017.

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