Dr Who or the Pinnacles?

Jakkie writes……

The pinnacles are strange limestone stalagmite structures that rise out of the sandy floor like termite hills that have been frozen in time. They are situated in the southern end of Western Australia, so glen and I payed them a visit on our way to Perth.  At first we thought we had arrived on a set of Doctor Who and we kept looking around us incase we were suddenly rounded up by a gang of daleks!


These amazing natural limestone structures, some standing as high as five metres, were formed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years ago. However there is still a bit of a mystery on how they were actually formed.

Some believe that the limestone between the pinnacles was leached away more rapidly in areas where plant roots increased the acidity of the soil; others believe that the pinnacles formed around roots and trunks of buried trees.

In both theories the pinnacles were formed beneath the ground from the varied influence of acidic water as it moved through the soil. When vegetation was removed the sand was blown away. The pinnacles were then sculptured further by wind rain and sun into what we see now.


It is said that Aboriginal people avoid the Pinnacles. They think they’re fossilised ghosts, a view which might come from the open landscape which is exposed to wind and provides no place to rest. I still believe the structures were set up for an episode of Doctor Who!

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