We found heaven on earth

Jakkie writes……

We were quite sad to leave NT with its rusty red roads and Whistling Kites swooping overhead. We crossed the border into Western Australia with crossed fingers hoping that we weren’t going to be prosecuted by having a forgotten random carrot lurking somewhere in our Dreamtime!

We didn’t realise that we weren’t allowed to bring fruit, veg or nuts with us across the border from NT to WA. The officials are very strict about this because of fruit flies and they thoroughly search your cupboards, fridge and send sniffer dogs in if you look suspect. They are also very strict about Cane toads entering the state.  Australia has a sorry history of letting the wrong things into the country (they let Glen and me in for example) and the things they let in usually run rampant destroying everything in sight. The classic example is the cane toad, introduced by sugar cane farmers to eat cane beetle. It turned out that cane toads don’t eat cane beetles, but they do kill local animals as they’re highly poisonous. There are millions of the things now and Western Australia proudly considers itself to be mostly cane toad free. Luckily we didn’t have any hiding in our pockets.


Anyway, back to the NO fruit, veg, nut rule. We only found this information out 2 days prior to our crossing and unfortunately we had just done a big shop to last us at least 3 weeks on the road! We were then on a mission to eat as much as we could within 48 hours! This pleased Glen no end, however I wasn’t as enthusiastic. I’d just found a whole bag of Pecan nuts at the back of our cupboard that had been forgotten about since we picked them off a tree in NSW four months ago. I really don’t like waste, so I spent almost a whole day cracking open at least 200 of them.  Glen spent a day cooking a bag of onions, 2 bags of carrots, 8 sweet potatoes and a bunch of parsley (as apparently cooked veggies are fine). We then set about eating 2 bags of lettuce, a bag of apples, 5 lemons (I could’ve killed for a G&T at that point) 6 bananas, 8 oranges and 200 Pecan nuts!! So it was only natural that by the time we got to border control, I had to do a run to use their chemical toilet for an emergency disposal from my large intestine. After, I was going to ask the officials if they wanted to put on their rubber gloves and do an inspection, considering I had just dumped a shit load (literally) of half digested apple, nut and lettuce on WA side and not NT side, but I decided wisely against it. Once we were frisked, sniffed and inspected, we were finally accepted over the border into WA.


We then spent the next few days at a place called Lake Argylle. We had no idea what to expect other than knowing it was 40km off the beaten track and that there was a resort there. Glad we went as it was absolutely stunning! We revelled in 5 star surroundings, while paying for a cheap non powered site with panorama views of the cliffs, and beyond. We thought we had died and gone to heaven. Mainly because we had spent the past 5 days camped up in stinking hot, dusty camps located at the sides of roads, with the only facilities being very stinky hole in the ground toilets and no water, so it was pure luxury to find ourselves suddenly surrounded by the cool waters of Lake Argylle. We swam in their infinity pool overlooking the stunning lake sunk between red rocky mountainous outcrops then relaxed on their sun loungers in the shade with a view that movies are filmed from.


On the first night, a musician played his acoustic guitar at sunset for happy hour (where you BYO chair and wine) with the backdrop of the lake and the rock which was turning redder by the minute. Then the full moon rose behind us which was absolutely breathtaking.


The next day, we did a sunset walk to a lookout and again saw the full moon rise above the majestic lake and red rocks, as the sun set over the hills beyond.

20160817_183909We were guided back by the light of the moon that evening, stepping over a few Cane toads on the way (they obviously have no idea about the rules of WA) and made our way back to our tin box we call home.

It’s moments like these that make our trip so special, memories that will be etched for eternity deep within my soul. I feel so blessed and full of gratitude. It makes all the blowouts, leaky radiators, flat batteries, dead Kangaroos and smelly toilets pale into insignificance…….. until the next time!

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