My Mission at Mission Beach


Jakkie writes……

We arrived at Mission Beach at the same time as the monsoon rain!

We also arrived in Mission Beach with a van that had a leaky radiator and with no spare cash to fix it. Things weren’t looking good.

I must admit, my attitude of late wasn’t at all impressive and certainly not in alignment with what I teach. My thoughts were fearful and untrusting and my words were starting to become whingey and moany. Something needed to change, mainly ME!

So it was my mission at Mission Beach to turn things around.


Mission beach is beautiful. The beach is lined with palm trees for as far as you can see. Dunk Island across the water and some other Barrier Reef islands peek out from the deep blue sea. The village is small with a few cafes, a pub, a newsagent and a post office. More of a locals place than a tourist place, although there is plenty of accommodation available.

I felt instantly at home (despite the rain!)

We decided to stay put for a bit, in fact we didn’t have much choice as the van needed a radiator replacement and we needed to earn money.

I must admit I was starting to feel like our dream machine was less of a dream and more of a nightmare! We recently had the battery replaced as we went to start it one morning and it was as flat as a tack. Also the wheels were wobbling, so we got them realigned and the front wheels replaced. And then the radiator started to leak. What’s going on?? According to Annette Noontil author of ‘The body is the barometer of the soul’, if your car has an issue then it is a sign that something is out of kilter with you! Our vehicle apparently mirrors our body. So what was our dreamtime trying to tell me?

Yes maybe I was feeling like my battery needed recharging, and maybe I was a bit wobbly on my wheels and yes perhaps my thermometer was reaching boiling point. So at Mission Beach I had a serious talk with myself one night. While I was at it, I also had a serious talk with the universe! We have taken a huge leap in faith doing this trip and I was starting to feel seriously unsupported. However I knew that I needed to make the first move and take the steps I needed to get back on track.

Glen flew down to Sydney to run a couple of conferences and I arranged to do a talk on the MindBody Connection at the Healthy Harvest in Mission Beach.


THANK HEAVENS for Maria, the owner of Healthy Harvest which is a cafe / health food shop / therapy space. She was like an angel sent to earth to help me (God must’ve been listening to my rants that night thank goodness!) Maria has a big Facebook following and announced that the Author of ‘Your MindBody Journey’ was in town and doing a talk and the response was absolutely AMAZING. I spent a wonderful evening with 20 men and women, 12 of whom bought my book and 5 of whom booked in for private consultations.

I stayed in Mission beach for 2½ weeks. I ran a couple of yoga classes on Maria’s fabulous deck at sunset. I saw a few more private clients and sold more books and Glen fortunately had a very successful trip to Sydney.

I am now brimming over with gratitude, as I managed to get the radiator fixed and helped lots of people make sense of their MindBody issues and the bonus being we have now topped up our funds ready to continue our magical adventure.

Mission accomplished!

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