Meeting a White Fella Who Knows What “The Magic” Is

Wednesday 13th April 2016 

Glen writes…..

Today we met a man who reminded me of the purpose of this blog. We called it “Sharing The Magic” for a reason, to share our magical experiences with you.

But what do we mean when we say “the magic”? The word can mean different things to different people and we gave four examples of the magic we’ll be sharing in the “about” section of our blog as follows:

  • The magical encounters we have with nature
  • The magic of our spiritual experiences  around Australia
  • The magic of manifestation, coincidence and destiny at play during our travels
  • The magic of the laughter that lightens our journey together

And while we love to laugh and play and take time out together in nature, it’s those second a third definitions that most interest us—the spiritual nature of our journey, not just the geographical journey around this vast continent, but our personal journey as individuals and as a couple on a spiritual path.

And because we don’t have a particular religion or spiritual practice or belong to a culture whose spiritual traditions we have inherited, we sometimes refer to our spiritual experiences simply as “the magic”.

When we talk about “the magic” we are opening out hearts and minds to the divine, the mysterious, the great unknown and while we love sharing the mundane details of our daily travels (and travails) with you, the sharing of these stories is empty if they don’t offer a glimpse into the magic of life that we experience on a daily basis.

Today we visited the Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast, where I found myself drawn to stallholder called Ian, who has written a book about his own spiritual journey called White Fella Awakening.


In a synopsis of the book, Dierdre Lewis, aka the Shaman, writes:

“Ian unexpectedly attracted the interest of the Australian Ancestors who turned his life upside down forcing him to acknowledge his lack of spirituality…..he opened his mind to new possibilities along with reverence for the land and tried to understand and follow his new found learning. It revealed “magic” and new, exciting relationships.”

In his intro to the book, Ian writes about the “altered states of reality or heightened states of awareness” that he shares in White Fell Awakening. “This awareness is easily explained in one word,” says Ian, “MAGIC”!

And that, in a nutshell, is what we aim to share with through our journey, the moments of magic that arise through a greater awareness of the oneness and connectedness of all things that can be found when living in the present moment, free from the constraints of the past, our limiting beliefs and our worries about the future.

We often find these moments in nature. After the Eumundi markets, for example, we swam together in a cool waterhole at the Kondalilla Falls, that was constantly being being refreshed by a rainforest waterfall. We were wrapped in nature, living in the here and now, swimming through the universal flow, watched over by a couple of curious water lizards. We felt cleansed, present and alive to the magic of life.

Walk the Kondalilla Falls Circuit

It is always a pleasure to connect with another human being, like Ian, who is living consciously in the present moment. I look forward to reading about his personal journey in White Fella Awakening to learn about the experiences that brought him to the most beautiful place on Earth—the present moment.

FOOTNOTE: The artwork in the photo is by Terry Saleh, whose website says:

“Terry uses his artistic gift to bring people closer together and to invite us to look deeper into ourselves.  He invites us to connect with the world around us so that the power of magic and healing can begin with the understanding and acceptance of other people, culture, the animal kingdom, plants and the environment.

“Every artwork or musical creation holds a healing intention. There is a wealth of information in his creations and a deep respect for Mother Earth. He uses colours and symbols that carry profound meaning and positive healing energy. His art seeks to stir the soul and senses to bring about a higher level of awareness and understanding.”


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