From England to Australia Our Path is Covered in Four-Leaf Clovers

Thursday 14th April 2016 

Jakkie writes…..

Many of the “magic” stories that Glen has shared on this trip so far have focussed on his ability to manifest free food like pecan nuts, cake and more cake.

For me magic is a different kind of manifestation. For some reason I have an uncanny ability to find four leaf clovers. To date I have discovered 23!

For me the four-leaf clover symbolises not just good luck, but a sign that Magic is around us all the time, all we need to do is notice it.

My first experience of this phenomenon (and statistically the chance of finding one are about 10,000 to 1) was when I was going through a big change in my life when I was moving back to the UK from Australia in 2006.

One day before I left Australia I was chatting to a dear neighbour in Byron Bay who I called Old Man Wally (who has sadly now passed). Wally was an incredible man. He was in his nineties and due to his deep faith in God, he never took any drugs or medicines, he ate raw organic food and he relied solely on natural plant remedies to heal him. He taught me so much about plants and medicine, his back garden was filled with organic fruits, veg and herbs.

One day, I was standing by his gate with him which happened to be next to a massive patch of clover which he cultivated and used as an expectorant for coughs and also for its rich source of isoflavons. I instinctively bent down to see if I could find a four- leafed one.

He said to me with a chuckle, ‘You’ll be searching for eternity my dear’.

With a grin on my face I stood up with something in my hand…a four-leaf clover! His eyes grew wide and he scratched his head and said, ‘Well I never! After all these years I have been picking my clover and not once have I found a 4 leaf one, you are a very lucky girl’.

The second time I found a four leaf clover was when I was back in the UK and walking the hills of the South Downs in Sussex where I grew up. I had just heard some sad news that old man Wally had died. My heart was sad as he still had so much to teach me and it seemed unfair to leave in the prime of his life at the age of 93.

I stopped at my favourite lookout and I said a little prayer for him, thanking him for all he taught me and sent blessings to his beautiful soul. At that moment I noticed a clump of clover at my feet. I bent down with a smile remembering how I found the four-leaf clover the last time I was with him, and there right next to my left foot was ANOTHER four-leaf clover!

“I don’t believe it Wally!!’” I yelled, knowing he was chuckling in spirit beside me. From that moment, finding four-leaf clovers was always a sign for me to trust and believe in the perfect unfolding of the universe.


The next time I found a 4 leaf clover was a year later when I had just met Glen again after 12 years. Our coincidental meeting, I realise now, was not coincidental at all, but the laws of the magical universe in operation again. A week after we met, we went out for a picnic ‘date’ along the River Ouse and sat down to eat our sandwiches that Glen had lovingly prepared that morning.

We were sitting by the river leaning back to back, eating our food and talking about how amazing it was that we had found each other again and how much we were both falling for each other. We were sitting on a nest of clover at the time and one by one, with amazement, we picked out seven four-leaf clovers. I framed them to remind me of that special reunion.

The next time a four-leaf clover appeared was eight years later when I was about to leave (AGAIN) to live back in Australia, but this time Glen was coming with me. It was the day before our flight and I was climbing a hill to get some exercise in before the 36-hour journey ahead.

I was having a few doubts because I was about to leave my work and a big client following which had taken me eight years to build. I was also going to miss my clients, family and friends. To start all over again was a big leap of faith and I was feeling uneasy about it. I stood half way up the hill and prayed to my unseen friends, “Please give me a sign I’m doing the right thing”.


Then I remembered my four-leaf clover manifestations, so I then started to frantically search the ground for my ‘sign’. Then an inner voice came to me loud and clear. ‘Stop searching and allow it to come’. I sighed, shrugged, gave up my foraging and continued my walk up the hill.

A few minutes later something made me stop (apart from being out of breath!!) I looked down at my feet, my jaw hit the floor as between my shoes, I saw this one big stem of clover pointing up towards the sky and on the end of the stem was 4 shiny leaves!! I jumped up and down with joy yelling ‘It’s my sign its my sign!!’  Then realising that a dog walker was giving me a weird stare, I quickly plucked it out of the ground, kissed it, thanked it and scurried home.

Only a few months later, it happened again, and this time I didn’t just find one four leaf clover, not two, not even three, but thirteen!!!

By now we were in Australia and I was on a walk along my favourite lagoon on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. My faith in moving to the other side of the earth had been wavering and again I wanted a sign I’d done the right thing (yes self trust was still is lesson I keep having to learn).

Along the lagoon there happened to be some grass with a patch of clover on it (yes they actually have clover in Australia too!) I found myself once again scouring the grass like a mad woman possessed searching for my ‘sign’ when I heard that voice again, this time much firmer, ‘Stop searching, allow it to come’!

I sighed and agreed, I was behaving stupidly, my fears again had taken a hold. I paced back to the house where Glen and I were staying at the time chanting to myself, ’I trust my path, I trust my path, I’m always guided and provided for’.


I was almost home and stood at the top of some steps admiring the view and something made me look down. I was standing on a patch of grass and below me was tiny clumps of clover. I didn’t search, but bent down and I thought I was seeing things, surely not?? Yes it was,a little clover with 4 tiny leaves, I moved my hand along and found another one with 4 leaves, and another, then another.

‘I looked up and spoke to the sky, ‘Are you having a laugh?’ That day I went home with thirteen four-leaf clovers in my hand and a huge smile on my face. 

Now I don’t doubt, everything is just as it’s meant to be. I have stopped my search and I allow all I need to come to me and it does, every time. Now that’s what I call MAGIC!!!

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