We met a beautiful singer who’s too blessed to be stressed

Sunday 3rd April 2016

Glen writes…..

I was doing yoga on the beach at sunrise this morning and a dragonfly stopped by to check out my eagle pose. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day.

We spent most of the day wandering amongst the magical sights, smells and sounds of Byron Bay markets. If you want to buy something organic, eco-friendly or spiritual to eat, wear or enjoy, then this is the place to come.

Here’s how one local websiteddescribes the markets:

“Stallholders, in their eye-catching colourful splendour, are a spectacle in themselves. Rainbows, sparkles and angel wings seem to be the ‘uniform’, making you feel as if you truly are in a magical world.”

Jakkie spent many years at these markets selling her artwork, so it was also a trip down memory lane for her.

Yes we have no organic donuts 

Unfortunately the organic donut stall (they’re organic, so they must be healthy) was unexpectedly closed for technical reasons so we grabbed a healthier vegan, Lebanese wrap and found ourselves in a shaded corner behind the food stalls being entertained by an angelic singer-songwriter with a feather in her hair, throwing out conscious lyrics like: “I’ve seen flowers break the concrete so I’ll listen and be witness to all nature’s wisdom”.

Ny Oh (that’s the singer’s name) is an Anglo-Kiwi, based in London, who has been hitchhiking and singing around Australia. We spoke with her after her set and she had the magical, open-hearted, charismatic presence you find in people who are living in the moment and following their own bliss.

One of the ways Ny Oh passes her days is giving out free hugs. We both cashed in ours and chatted for a while about travel,  hitch hiking, the kindness of strangers and whether it is ethical to dye your pet rabbit’s fur.

I was wary of asking for a photo as one of her lyrics suggested she’s not a big fan of selfie culture. “I guess our consciousness has gone a bit wonky,” she sang ” because we’ve got men making sticks to take selfies when the statistic is that a third of our world is hungry…..”

But I asked anyway and she obliged. Then a man turned up with a rainbow-coloured  rabbit and I moved onto an even better photo opportunity. I think it’s only fair to point out that the rabbit wasn’t simply appropriating the external trappings of hippy culture by sporting a furry, rainbow coat, she was a bone fide healing rabbit making her 100% holistic from the inside out.

This is what her owner’s facebook page says:

“Need some animal therapy?? Feeling a bit down??? Then put a smile on your face and come and see these beautiful animals. Have a cuddle, mellow out and spend some time.”

The man and his rabbit sat down at a table and chatted to a couple eating organic kale crisps about his life’s work and I thought to myself, “only in Byron”.


As we left Ny Oh and the rainbow rabbit behind, we met a huge dragonfly dancing along the boundary of the Byron Markets site and our visit was complete.

An hour or so later we discovered another singer songwriter  from Denmark (Sara Peyk) at the main beach also talking about flowers growing through concrete. She finished her set with a cover of Daydream Believer….”then I saw her face and now I’m a believer”.

Then we headed back to our Dreamtime (the motorhome) where I checked out some of Ny Oh’s online recordings and discovered her singing on a great feelgood track called “too blessed to be stressed”.

I turned it on and waited for Jakkie’s face to change to a look of surprised delight. One of the product ranges she created in Sydney uses the slogan “too blessed to be stressed”.

too blessed jpg (1)
Jakkie’s too blessed to be stressed t-shirts available online.

It was a day of magical coincidences and we ended it singing “too blessed to be stressed”.



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