Today I met the world’s most spiritual man

Saturday 2nd April 2016

Glen writes……

Today I had a chance encounter with the world’s most spiritual man in the spiritual capital of the world. How spiritual is that?

According to JP Sears (the world’s most spiritual man) Byron Bay is the most spiritual place he’s been to.

“Byron Bay is not only the spiritual capital of America,” says Spears. “It’s the spiritual capital of the world, because it’s not even in America, it’s in Australia.”

I didn’t know this until I watched one of Sears’ popular YouTube videos but there are more Reiki practitioners in Byron Bay than there are actual people—which just goes to show how spiritual the place is (and how much the people here love the ancient Japanese art of Australian Reiki).

Sears says “Byron Bay’s so spiritual they practically invented consciousness and that’s not the only ‘c word’ they invented.”

I think the word he’s thinking of is coincidence, like spiritual coincidence, because I walked into Byron Bay today to meet up with a great guy I met on Facebook called Dane Tomas (who’s spiritual and cool with it) and you’ll never guess what happened, JP Sears only sits down opposite us—-OH MY GODDESS!

Here’s how Dane described the moment to his Facebook following (because spiritual stuff isn’t really spiritual until you’ve shared it with your spiritual tribe on social media):

“haha. just had the most byron ‘ultra spiritual’ moment this morning. i was sitting at Bayleaf Cafe, chatting with all-round-men’s work good guy Glen Poole about masculinity stuff, integral, the spiral, culture, mean greens and a whole bunch of other interesting stuff. the next moment i look up and the one and only JP Sears is sitting at our table. i was like: “oh shit dude. i would usually have waay too much ego to ask this – but.. i gotta get a photo with you.” without missing a beat he said: “i have so little ego that if you didn’t ask i would INSIST that you take a photo.” we chatted a little. totally cool down to earth guy in town to speak at byron spirit fest.  #impressed #amused #ultraspiritual

And that is totally what just happened. The man is sooooooooo spiritual and free of ego that he insists you take a picture of him, even (or especially) if you don’t ask. He actually said that! He is virtually as spiritual in real life as he is really spiritual in virtual life!

For the unenlightened among you who don’t know, JP is a healer and a comedian who is in Byron Bay to do spiritual stuff (obviously) at the International Tribe Design event next week. He told the Northern Star newspaper (a media outlet that only interviews stars):

“I’ll be a presenter on this event for light-hearted and like-minded people to gather and step deeper into their personal power, do some healing, have some fun and, most importantly, just be weird and feel okay with it,” he said.

JP is the brains, body and soul behind the Ultra Spiritual Life series which includes the classics “How to be Ultra Spiritual”, “Tao of the man bun” and “How to Become Gluten Intolerant”.

I can’t believe that just 24 hours after we launched our Sharing The Magic blog that consciousness itself came to visit us in the spiritual capital of the universe in the form of this messianic man who is “as spiritual as hell” (it must be true, it says so on his t-shirt).

Coincidence? I think not. Namaste!

For more info on Dane and JP see:

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