Back to my spiritual roots in Byron Bay


Friday 1st April 2016

Jakkie writes….

Byron Bay, 15 years ago, is where I started my journey and I don’t mean just physically but spiritually. I never planned to live in Byron, but my partner at the time lived here. Byron Bay is stunningly beautiful, however living here I was challenged beyond measure. I went through some pretty deep dark stuff at the time, but as I later realised it’s because the land is volcanic.

The silhouette of Mount Warning on the horizon is a constant reminder that the Tweed Volcano erupted here 23 million years ago and shaped both the landscape and the energy in and around Byron, so living here can be a turbulent and unsettling place to live. The aborigines knew this, Aboriginal people’s name for the area is Cavvanbah, meaning “meeting place” and they knew it was a place to visit, to heal but to never stay for too long. I am glad I did though, because although I experienced some pretty heavy stuff during the 5 years I was here, it bought about my deep inner healing which pushed me onto the path I’m on now. So returning here 15 years later, my soul remembers its depths, its pleasure, its pain, its beauty and it recognises how far it has come on its journey and it also knows how far it still has to go. I have come home, but not for long, soon it will be time to move on……..

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