Sunrise and free cake karma in Byron Bay

Thursday 31st March 2016

Glen writes…..

We’re staying with friends in Byron Bay at the moment. That in itself isn’t necessarily magical—though the generosity of friends allowing us to turn their driveway into an impromptu campsite certainly is. And it’s also great to hang out with lovely people we haven’t see for some time.

This morning I left the Dream Machine before 6am and the sky was clear, the stars were still out and the waning gibbous moon was in its highest firmament. I wanted to lay down on my back in the middle road so I could take in the full spectacle. Then a ute rumbled past and I decided that there’d be plenty of safer opportunities for horizontal stargazing in the future and headed for the local bakery to marvel at the muffins instead.

Suffolk Bakery is a popular spot with locals and attracts a steady crowd ready for their morning fix of coffee and pastry from the moment it opens at 530am. Most chat on the benches outside as they wait for their takeaway order but I took a pew indoors.

Jakkie was still in bed and I didn’t want to disturb our hosts so I was slowly killing time, nursing the smallest, cheapest beverage for as long as I thought was decent. I’d just finished chasing the final bits of froth around the bottom of the cup with my tongue, getting most of it on my nose in the process. when one of the staff appeared from behind the counter and gave me a free slice of banana bread.


Banana bread is a staple of coffee shops in Australia and is far more cakey than it is bready. This was the second time I’ve been give a free slice in an Australian cafe AND the second time I’ve been given free ‘cake’ this week. I’ll share the story of the large lump of free cake we left Alstonville with on Sunday another time. For now, I just want to acknowledge that my free cake karma is, like the moon, at its zenith.

I wolfed down the free cake (or if Jakkie’s reading this I should say I mindfully chewed each mouthful blessing my cake angels with each and every conscious bite) and then hung around a bit longer like a dog who’s been thrown a scrap of food from the dinner table and sits impatiently slobbering in anticipation of the next discarded morsel—but none came.

So I headed for Tallows Beach which, compared to Byron’s main beaches, is blissfuly quiet, to watch the sunrise and take an early dip in the warm ocean. From moonlight to sunrise via free cake and a swim in the sea—now that is MAGIC!

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