Glen’s Stop Male Suicide Seminars

As we travel around Australia, Glen is hosting a Stop Male Suicide seminar in every state and major territory.

Eight people die from suicide every day in Australia and six of them are men. The Stop Male Suicide project is an initiative that aims to help prevent male suicide by improving levels of male suicide literacy at an individual, cultural and systemic level.

The dates and locations of the seminars are:

31 May 2016: Stop Male Suicide in NSW Seminar (Sydney)

3 June2016: Stop Male Suicide in QLD Seminar (Brisbane)

15 June 2016: Stop Male Suicide in NT Seminar (Darwin)

19 October 2016: Stop Male Suicide in WA Seminar (Perth)

15 November 2016: Stop Male Suicide in SA Seminar (Adelaide)

17 November 2016: Stop Male Suicide in ACT Seminar (Canberra)

30 November 2016:  Stop Male Suicide in VIC Seminar (Melbourne)

7 December 2016: Stop Male Suicide in TAS Seminar (Hobart)

You can find about more about this project at

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