Jakkie starts her MindBody language workshops

Jakkie’s heading to the Gold Coast next month to deliver a workshop for people who want to discover how their thoughts and words can shape their health, relationships and life situations.

As part of our journey around Australia, she’s embarking on a year-long tour to deliver talks, workshops and consultations and promote her new book, ‘Your MindBody Journey’.

Her first port of call is the Sonesha Academy and Healing Centre in Currumburra Road, Ashmore, where she will be delivering a one-day workshop on MindBody Language on Sunday 10th April.

Jakkie says: “I’ve worked with hundreds of people with health issues and challenging life circumstances throughout my career, and they all have one thing common. Every single client I see has the power to think their way to better health, happiness and success. The secret is to learn about your MindBody Language and discover what your body is unconsciously communicating to you and to others.”

Find out more at the links below:

For more information contact Jakkie direct on Jakkie@MindBodyCourses.com or phone her on: 0421 693 990

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